Mental Health at Work During COVID-19

For many reasons, maintaining good mental health is an important component for driving quality of life. Disorders, such as depression, can take a toll on individuals, affecting everything from their immune system to their sleep and interpersonal relationships.


Mental Health in a Time of Pandemic

The ongoing Covid-19 outbreak is in many ways unprecedented, in both the scale of this challenge, the scale of public health response, and the historical context in which all this is unfolding. Covid-19 is the first global pandemic of the social media age, the first of the “alternative facts” era.


Mental Health and the Covid-19 Pandemic

Public health emergencies may affect the health, safety, and well-being of both individuals (causing, for example, insecurity, confusion, emotional isolation, and stigma) and communities (owing to economic loss, work and school closures, inadequate resources for medical response, and deficient distribution of necessities).


TSRC Newsletter Volume 1

We are happy to spotlight our new Director of Clinical Operations, Dr. Consuelo Flores! Dr. Flores is a Spanish-speaking psychologist with over a decade of experience in the Workers’ Compensation system and has been an incredible resource for
our Latino injured worker community.