Fitness For Duty

Medical and psychological evaluations of employees, sometimes called “Fitness for Duty Evaluations,” may be required by employers to determine whether an employee is able to perform the essential job functions of their position.

Fitness For Duty

Companies today are continually faced with the challenge of evaluating and managing employees who may be physically or mentally impaired from any cause, including alcohol and drugs, that may adversely affect their ability to safely and competently perform their job duties.


What is Fitness for Duty Examination?

Generally, a FFD referral arises when an employee exhibits some behavior that raises questions about his or her ability to appropriately perform their assigned duties. When an employee has been referred for a FFD evaluation, it is usually a requirement for continued employment.

The Fitness for Duty examination is considered a medical exam which determines whether or not an individual is able to adequately perform their essential job duties according to the job description submitted by the employer.

Typically, the examination requires a two-hour psychiatric assessment of the employee followed by psychological testing conducted by our staff psychologist. The examination includes review of background information, employer submitted records including employee job description, description of salient issues that led to the request for the examination, and mental status examination.

The goal of the exam is to determine whether or not the employee has a condition that would reasonably lead to inability to perform essential job functions.